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Certification for Current Sites
Developing a TFCO Program

TFCO Program Certification

Use of the model name ‘Treatment Foster Care Oregon’™ and its abbreviation, ‘TFCO’ ™ is restricted to programs that are certified or are receiving clinical supervision from TFC Consultants, Inc. A number of research studies have shown that maintaining program fidelity is extremely important in achieving positive outcomes for youth and families in evidence-based programs. In devising a process for ongoing fidelity monitoring, we have strived to achieve the following:
  • Containment of costs to the applicant program
  • Consistency and objectivity in measurement and application of adherence standards
  • Precise targeting of technical assistance to areas in need of attention with respect to meeting adherence standards

To develop TFCO program certification standards, the program developers have created a program certification protocol that provides standardized measurement of all important TFCO model components and sets consistent standards that must be met for programs to be considered certified. As part of the process, detailed feedback is provided to applicant programs regarding program strengths and areas in need of improvement. Applications can be submitted by any organization that believes their TFCO program meets certification criteria, regardless of whether they receive previous training or technical assistance from TFC Consultants, Inc.

Program staff can self-assess the degree to which they think their program meets certification standards by reviewing the certification packet in the next section. Because the certification process involves a thorough evaluation of several components of your TFCO program, including coding videotapes of foster parent and clinical staff meetings, a fee is charged for this process. The application fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether or not certification standards are met and certification is obtained, therefore it is important to carefully review the specific measures that will be used to determine whether the program meets the standards before your organization makes an application for certification.

TFC Consultants, Inc., is available to provide technical assistance to help identify areas in need of improvement prior to application for certification, or to address adherence issues either prior to application or as they emerge in the certification process. This certification model, in tandem with the availability of consultation and technical assistance tailored to the specific needs of each applicant, is intended to provide a cost-effective, individualized mechanism for ongoing assurance of model fidelity and outcomes. Once a program is certified, the certification is valid for two years, and re-certifications are valid for three years. Application materials and information regarding the standards for certification are provided in the next section.

Program certification provides assurance to funders and referring agencies regarding the quality of your program and its level of model adherence. 

TFCO Certification Forms




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Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) was formerly known as Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC)
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